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Deux Chevaux – the Citroën 2CV

Posted in Fun, Project with tags , , , , , , on May 26, 2011 by FullLockAndTwoSmokingTyres

Such a simple car I can quite honestly admit that I thought the 2CV was just one car with no variations and little interest to me until I decided to take a dig about to see what was out there ad boy did I like what i found. I was completely shocked to find a convertible coupe that’s for sure and definitely didn’t expect it to look good!!!

The humble French farmers car rumoured to have been designed to “traverse the ploughed fields without breaking a tray of eggs held by the farmer’s wife” now I’m sure a lot of car designers would love such a simple design brief like that now a days LOL.

I believe this could be my next project if eBay can turn up a cheap decent example, I really feel it perfectly suites the ratrod/hotrod kind of look and have found some superb examples and renderings for your viewing pleasures and my ideas box alike.

I’m off to buy myself some eggs and looking for a plowed field to test them on 🙂

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Smart Cars

Posted in Project with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on May 4, 2011 by FullLockAndTwoSmokingTyres

A mate has always had the latest Brabus Fortwo Smart car and until taking a ride I was never bothered but i have to admit they are spacious inside, fun to drive and you can’t fault there economy (especially when Petrol is starting to creep ever closer to £2 a litre).

I am seriously starting to hanker over a Smart project but not the Smart Fortwo but the sportier looking Roadster Coupe. Wide arches, deep dish wheel, Hayabusa Turbo engine & gearbox swap, stripped out racer chic with a few stealth techie components to set the car off a little more and bring it upto speed, as you have to be honest they have been around for 8 years and are starting to look a little dated.

While surfing for ideas and to see just what is being done in the Smart scene and what can be done to these cars I’ve come across several amusing and clever little smarts i just had to share with you from the A-team SmartCar to a tank SmartCar 🙂

Love them or hate them I never expected this

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