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Flat/Matte or Chrome Effects

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Right or not I’m loving Flat/Matte and also Chrome effects whether it’s paints or wraps it makes cars look slicker than slick or tougher than Bruce Willis in a blood and oils soaking white vest 🙂

Some cars really look gaudy with top to toe Chrome but others look slick and definitely gives them a look of traveling at a 100mph while still standing still but the Flat/Matte would have to be my first choice, there just aren’t words descriptive enough to say how tough it instantly transforms any car man enough to don this stealthy, kevlar bullet proof vest of an outfit.

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The Limo!!!

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When I think of a Limo it’s either full of School leavers or a Hen Doo, window down with some in comprehensible, almost Tourette’s like screech bellowing out or half a body holding a bottle of cheap sparkling wine “Woowing” like some overgrown child pretending to be a steam train rolling into station.

Out of the blue i stumble across this SuperBus on the Daily Mail website and it made me rethink my whole idea on the Limo? Maybe there is a Limo out there that would change my view and convince me that they have their place and boy oh boy did I find some different Limo’s all with different appeal.

Next special event I have to make an entrance at I’ll definitely be  looking to see if I can’t hire one of these Unique creations

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Well imagine to my surprise this morning at 7am while tootling along on my usual work to route, i come off the round about and look ahead to the small amount of traffic on the road and have to take a second look. It can’t be?!? but sure enough coming towards me on the other side of the road is an MG SV-R 🙂

Now this Rover Supercar (used in the looses sense of the term, if you can use it at all) was not all the popular and only approx 82 were sold. The one thing that caught my eye with this car at the time was the factory fitted Nitrous option!!! Now that’s a box you would love to tick when ordering your new car, I think more cars should come with this option.

Heated seats (Check), Parking Sensors (Check), 100 shot of NOS (CHECK, CHECK & Double CHECK) Ha-ha

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I do love the summer when people start to let themselves indulge and take out their pride and joys that are stored under covers in garages for 95% of the year (mainly because they live in the UK and don’t want to take it out in the wet) only to be shown the light of day on the odd occasion the weather’s good or their son comes over with a friend and he just “Has” to show him daddy’s flash car.

Porsche/RUF 911 CTR “Yellowbird”

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After reading an article in this months copy of Retro Cars Magazine (the very best car magazine on the planet in my opinion) on the RUF 911 CTR I came across a couple of mentions of a film called “Fazination”. So after reading the article I just had to find out more about the car and said film so I went hunting on You Tube to find it and boy was it worth it: –

Well what more do I need to say really, you’ve watched the film yourself!!! A-M-A-ZING

I don’t claim to be an all knowing Porsche fan and I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite cars but there’s something about that Flat Four sound and the proper manly styling. This car is what supercars should still be like, massive power, minimal interiors that still have everything that you really need and a sleeper look that could fool most normal people into thinking you’ve just bought a standard Porsche with a few body extras.

This is a car that reminds us of the days when to build a supercar you didn’t need to have any NASA grade scientists nor did you have to have a couple of super computers inside along with a million gadgets and looks straight from Lady Ga-Ga’s personal stylist.

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