Mini on the slopes

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When I first started to watch this I almost had to tell my self it was not a scene from a Bond film. I don’t really like the new Clubman but this definitely puts it in a more favourable light!!!

Both Monster and RedBull seem to have that Midas touch!


Freightliner Gymkhana – Eat your heart out Ken Block

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Ken Block does indeed put on a great show but Mike Ryan just takes it to a whole new level in his 1,950 horsepower (more than 3,400 pound-feet of torque) Pike Peak truck weighing in at about 10’000 pounds (or about 4.5 tons to us Brits). Sit back and enjoy (takes a few min to get into it bu then the tyre smoking started)

New versions of old classics

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There has been an influx of new versions of some of the classic cars coming onto the market in the past few years, I believe this to be because cars are all starting to look the same as they seem to be designed on ergonomics dictated by the number of seats, task the vehicle is to carry out, safety and the wind tunnel and less on aesthetics alone then bolting all the needed items to it. This look into the past and bringing the old bang up to date is something i think should be done more and more but they don’t always get it right, even though they don’t always hit their mark i give them all 10 out of 10 for effort.

In my search I also came across many cars that have evolved over the years, making some real leaps in the right direction with many a turn in the wrong but nearly always ending up with something that either looks or has the ethos of that original idea, the flame becoming a roaring fire with followers in each and every generation it spawned.

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Ken Block’s Gymkhana

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Definitely well worth taking 8 minutes out of your day to stop whatever you are doing and kick back to watch the beautifully choreographed automotive Ballet of this Rally beast.

And I absolutely love this handbrake as tacky as it is it ROCKS!!!!


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Not the best drifting in the world but different and amazing to watch!!

A Motorcycle (More or Less)

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I’ve always told myself that I will get my bike licence one day and that I would be a very sensible rider unlike whenIi first started driving, but I can quite imagine that after many a safe journey the hooligan inside me will find a way out and all the crazy things I tried in cars I will find equally stupid things to do on a bike. So I have started to look more towards the choppers and trikes as a slower maybe safer form that I could actually one day imagine myself cruising around on.

In my search i have managed to turn up some amazing creations along with many a strange WTF creations that put a smile on my face, this is a collection of a few of the motorcycles I’ve found with more or less that  wheels.

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Deux Chevaux – the Citroën 2CV

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Such a simple car I can quite honestly admit that I thought the 2CV was just one car with no variations and little interest to me until I decided to take a dig about to see what was out there ad boy did I like what i found. I was completely shocked to find a convertible coupe that’s for sure and definitely didn’t expect it to look good!!!

The humble French farmers car rumoured to have been designed to “traverse the ploughed fields without breaking a tray of eggs held by the farmer’s wife” now I’m sure a lot of car designers would love such a simple design brief like that now a days LOL.

I believe this could be my next project if eBay can turn up a cheap decent example, I really feel it perfectly suites the ratrod/hotrod kind of look and have found some superb examples and renderings for your viewing pleasures and my ideas box alike.

I’m off to buy myself some eggs and looking for a plowed field to test them on 🙂

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