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What a Lucky Escape

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Now Allan McNish is one LUCKY Scotsman to have managed to walk away from a horrific crash like this. I have an interest in photography and of course the main subject I’m interested in is cars but I think I would have to be excused to change my pants if I’d been on that corner snapping away!! What a lucky escape by one and all, Driver, Marshalls and Paparazzi alike, but how gutting is it to see a beautiful Audi R18 come to its dimise like that (at least it died doing what it loved).


New versions of old classics

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There has been an influx of new versions of some of the classic cars coming onto the market in the past few years, I believe this to be because cars are all starting to look the same as they seem to be designed on ergonomics dictated by the number of seats, task the vehicle is to carry out, safety and the wind tunnel and less on aesthetics alone then bolting all the needed items to it. This look into the past and bringing the old bang up to date is something i think should be done more and more but they don’t always get it right, even though they don’t always hit their mark i give them all 10 out of 10 for effort.

In my search I also came across many cars that have evolved over the years, making some real leaps in the right direction with many a turn in the wrong but nearly always ending up with something that either looks or has the ethos of that original idea, the flame becoming a roaring fire with followers in each and every generation it spawned.

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