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Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5)

Posted in Movies / Films with tags , , , , , , , , on April 25, 2011 by FullLockAndTwoSmokingTyres

What can I say? my first ever post is going to be about the latest installment in the Fast & Furious saga!!

Went to see this the other night at the Empire Cinema (AMAZING premier seats by the way) with my fiance who was not watching for the same reasons as myself (but was most perturbed at the lack of shirt off action LOL).

Now if you have liked the original 4 films so far then this is on the same tried and tested lines. The only thing i think that really lets it down is the completely wooden acting from The Rock, i mean don’t get me wrong the rest of them will not be getting any a Academy Awards of BAFTAs but they managed to carry off their parts well enough not to cringe at them just the cheese they’d been made to say by the scriptwriters 🙂

Anyway what the really point of this film is amazing cars, action and some serious stunts  OH YEAH. Here’s just a few of the cars that the film has to offer: –

This film will definitely be in my DVD collection to go with the others but I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste. The one thing about this film is that it has such a wide variety of cars, the background is rife with all sorts of classic and retro rides like Mk1 Golf cabriolets, VW campervans and far more than just that.

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