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New versions of old classics

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There has been an influx of new versions of some of the classic cars coming onto the market in the past few years, I believe this to be because cars are all starting to look the same as they seem to be designed on ergonomics dictated by the number of seats, task the vehicle is to carry out, safety and the wind tunnel and less on aesthetics alone then bolting all the needed items to it. This look into the past and bringing the old bang up to date is something i think should be done more and more but they don’t always get it right, even though they don’t always hit their mark i give them all 10 out of 10 for effort.

In my search I also came across many cars that have evolved over the years, making some real leaps in the right direction with many a turn in the wrong but nearly always ending up with something that either looks or has the ethos of that original idea, the flame becoming a roaring fire with followers in each and every generation it spawned.

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Mercedes Unimog

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Since owning, and using to the limits, a Series IIa 88 Land Rover I have loved off-roading. A lovely summers evening after work I would pop out and grab one of the boys and a disposable BBQ before meeting up with a couple more 4×4’s (Suzuki SJ’s, Rage Rover Classics, Jeep TJ’s, various other Land Rovers and Nissan Patrols) and heading out down our favourite Green Lane stopping of at the highest point on our trail to drop the tail gate and spark up the BBQ.

Why you ask am I painting a picture of such a normal trip out on the green lanes? Well all these memories came flooding back to me when I saw on PistonHeads that the Unimog was celebrating its 60th birthday this year. I had lusted after this amazing 4×4 beast ever since I had seen an all singing all dancing example doing a display at a car event I was at, the things these vehicles can do and the places they can go is amazing.

Just another vehicle on the must have list (think I need to sort out a serious savings plan if I’m going to make any kind of dent in the list :))

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