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Porsche/RUF 911 CTR “Yellowbird”

Posted in Drifting, Nurburgring, Porsche, Supercar, Video with tags , , , , on April 25, 2011 by FullLockAndTwoSmokingTyres

After reading an article in this months copy of Retro Cars Magazine (the very best car magazine on the planet in my opinion) on the RUF 911 CTR I came across a couple of mentions of a film called “Fazination”. So after reading the article I just had to find out more about the car and said film so I went hunting on You Tube to find it and boy was it worth it: –

Well what more do I need to say really, you’ve watched the film yourself!!! A-M-A-ZING

I don’t claim to be an all knowing Porsche fan and I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite cars but there’s something about that Flat Four sound and the proper manly styling. This car is what supercars should still be like, massive power, minimal interiors that still have everything that you really need and a sleeper look that could fool most normal people into thinking you’ve just bought a standard Porsche with a few body extras.

This is a car that reminds us of the days when to build a supercar you didn’t need to have any NASA grade scientists nor did you have to have a couple of super computers inside along with a million gadgets and looks straight from Lady Ga-Ga’s personal stylist.

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