Hummer Horse and Carriage

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Saw this some time ago in a newspaper article and it made me smile ūüôā

If the engine hadn’t been invented you could well imagine this rolling off the production line for the wealthy to tie it up to their thoroughbread horses and trott off to the opening night of the opera!

All you would then have to do is find a way to turbo charge and Nitro a horse and we’d be in business LOL

Just a little something different for a Friday, Enjoy

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Ken Blocks Megamercial – GYMKHANA FOUR

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He’s back tearing it up better than ever! What a man, who cares if it’s rehearsed and staged i love these videos from Ken, Monster ¬†and the DC Shoes¬†team.

Keep up the good (kind of an understatement there) work

Start Drifting Young – Kids in Power Wheels

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Well this is a breath a fresh air, the thought that parents are actually setting their kids off ¬†on the right foot by teaching them the essential skills of oversteer and opposite lock ūüôā

What a Lucky Escape

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Now Allan McNish is one LUCKY Scotsman to have managed to walk away from a horrific crash like this. I have an interest in photography and of course the main subject I’m interested in is cars but I think I would have to be excused to change my pants if I’d been on that corner snapping away!! What a lucky escape by one and all, Driver, Marshalls and Paparazzi alike, but how gutting is it to see a beautiful Audi R18 come to its dimise like that (at least it died doing what it loved).

Black Current – Electric Dragster under 10secs 1/4 Mile

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Two brothers from Hungerford, Sam & Olly Young,  have not only managed to piece together a fully working electric car from a 1965 VW Beetle shell and an old milk float but they have by some amazing feat managed to make it go from 0-60 in 1.6 secs, it can eat a 1/4 mile in less than 10 secs (9.51 to be exact) and it crossed the finish line doing 135mph!!

Now I don’t know about you but I think there would be a rather large queue at the dairy when they advertised a vacancy as a float driver if these boys where the mechanics there!! I know I’d love to have a go, the acceleration must be amazing and the whole experience quite surreal as I associate fast-moving motor vehicles (dragsters being at the top of this thought pile) to be loud but this Black Tarmac eating Machine has a very quaint hum about it.

The long and short of it is I want a Morris Minor version please LOL

Rhys Millen Backflips a truck

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Rhys Millen is well established as¬†one of the Top Drifters outside of Japan but back in 2008 he decided that if a motocross bike can do it twice and a BMX can do¬†it three times, why the hell can’t i get a truck to do a backflip!!

Nakamura Coke Bottle

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Now this is a drifting party trick, a short but beautiful wall ride with the pièce de résistance of clipping a coke bottle off the top of the wall at the end with his spoiler


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